Responsible use of Artificial Intelligence in Portland


On Thursday, May 16th, from 5:30 – 7:00 PM PDT, Smart City PDX and Portland’s Office of Equity and Human Rights will host a public conversation on how to ensure ethical, equitable, and responsible use of artificial intelligence in Portland.

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Meeting description from the meeting hosts:

The recent evolution of artificial intelligence and applications of information technology using large amounts of data and complex models is changing our world. The City of Portland needs to hear and understand what the Portland community has to say about artificial intelligence, and we all need to hear each other.

The Smart City PDX program of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability and the Office of Equity and Human Rights invite all people interested in joining a dialog to explore two questions that will guide future policies and strategies at the City of Portland.

  • What is a future with artificial intelligence worth building in Portland?
  • How do we ensure responsible artificial intelligence that works for everyone?

We are hoping that this conversation can be joined with a diverse set of experiences and life views and experiences. Subject matter experts, community leaders, researchers, students, and individuals interested in this topic.

The main conclusions and recommendations of these conversations and dialogs will be compiled in a document to be released to the public within 30 days of the event and used for policy recommendations, strategies, plans, and future actions taken by the Smart City PDX program.