TA3M Privacy Workshop Session 2

This video is the second of a 3-part privacy workshop we did at Portland’s Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays on three consecutive Mondays in June — 14th, 21st, and 28th. AJ Rice was the presenter for all three sessions. AJ is a privacy advocate and the Founder & CEO of Privo Mobile and author of the privacy blog Private Matters.

Why Privacy Matters

Digital and physical surveillance are at all-time highs, and privacy is dissipating from our society. But why should we care about privacy if we have nothing to hide?

In this session, AJ Rice will discuss how a lack of privacy affects us as individuals and as a society. Using specific examples, Rice will cover the direct consequences of a world without privacy and also the more subtle ways an absence of privacy undermines the rights of those who have nothing to hide.

After the presentation and Q&A, the session will conclude with a guided hands-on exercise in threat-modeling geared at helping attendees better understand the individual risks posed to them by different types of surveillance.

Video: Privacy Workshop Part 2 – Why privacy matters

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