Stop Surveillance Community Forum

PDX Privacy is co-sponsoring a community forum on surveillance with Sisters of the Road, Carceral Tech Resistance Network, Freedom to Thrive, and the Oregon Justice Resource Center.

The two-hour, hybrid event will take place at Grinds & Vines (3520 SE Yamhill) and online on March 14th, 2023, at 6pm, and will feature presentations from:

  • Sarah T. Hamid of Carceral Tech Resistance Network
  • Aje Amaechi of Freedom to Thrive
  • Amanda Lamb of Oregon Justice Resource Center
  • Chris Bushick of PDX Privacy

Panelists will discuss community concerns of the recent gunshot detection programs considered by the city, including ShotSpotter, EAGL Technology, Twenty20/Acoem, and Flock. They will discuss specific issues with these products but also review the larger, systemic concerns of racism, bias, and the harmful impacts of surveillance culture. The event will include a presentation from each and a chance to ask questions and have dialogue.

The event is free and open to the public, and city officials and staff will also be invited.

RSVP here to attend in person:

Or, to attend remotely, email for the online link.

Venue details:
Grinds & Vines
3520 SE Yamhill
Portland, OR 97214

A black background with white letters. A white slash runs diagonally, separating out roughly a third of the page in the upper right corner, where a police officer is shown wearing night goggles and other surveillance gear. Text reads "COMMUNITY FORUM" Then "STOP SURVEILLANCE" A COMMUNITY FORUM on the expansion of carceral technology and state surveillance, who it impacts, and how we can stop it, followed by the event speakers and logistics. Logos of the sponsoring organizations run across the bottom.