Police Intelligence Gathering and Surveillance Audit

Last year, the City of Portland Auditor’s Office performed an audit of police surveillance used in the city, and we participated by providing input. The audit objective was to answer the question “Did police gather intelligence and conduct criminal investigations in a manner that protected privacy and civil liberties during the protests that occurred between May 2020 and May 2021?”.

Further details about the audit are available here: https://www.portland.gov/audit-services/news/2021/8/17/police-intelligence-gathering-and-surveillance-audit-end-planning

After completing their investigation, the auditors released a report of their findings on April 6th: http://www.portland.gov/police-intelligence-gathering

As part of the effort to get out word about the report, Elizabeth Pape, a Performance Auditor at the City of Portland Auditor’s Office, gave a presentation at Portland’s Techno-Activism 3rd Mondays to share what they learned from their investigation. We co-hosted the April 18th, online event.

Slides from the meeting are available here: https://www.pdxprivacy.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Police-Audit-presentation.pdf